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If you want to buy a car, you have several options. Of course, the easiest way is to pay for the car in cash, but for many people it is either financially overwhelming or downright impossible. There are three types of leasing, closed-end and open-ended financial leasing, and operating leasing, commonly called leasing. If you were to ask the average person, you might not have heard of operating leasing at all, but if you were to inquire about long-term leasing, you would be more likely to get a meaningful answer. The essence of an operating lease is that, at the end of the contract, ownership remains with the landlord and almost all car-related expenses are borne by the landlord, including repair services, company tax. Almost all gasoline should be left to the lessee. For this reason, of course, the monthly fee is a bit higher, but once the term expires, we can only see that we will take precedence over financial leasing. Basically, if you are not bothered by the creditworthiness of your business and want to keep the car even after maturity, open-ended financial leasing is for you. If you are not tied to the car you are using and your goal is to minimize costs, then operating leasing may be the right choice.